Bathroom Designs to Maximize Space


 Maximizing bathroom spaces is one of the main targets of effective bathroom designs. By making it seem the place is larger than it actually is, you could arrange the fixtures in a way that doesn't hinder functionality, and appearance. Here are some tricks on how to best employ design tactics on bathrooms of all sizes.


Let's start with the walls. The walls define the physical limit of your bathroom, and there's nothing you could do about that. If ignored, it would also define the optical limit of the interior spaces. That, on the other hand, you could alter. In order to make it appear as if the room is much larger, paint the walls with white, or any soft colors. Using demure wallpapers might be an option, but printed ones tend to beat the purpose. So keep your wallpapers plain, bright, and simple.


Visual tricks with wallpapers are also possible, if you know what you're doing, of course. There are patterns that could trick the eyes to believing a wall is higher, wider, or farther. For instance, wallpapers with vertical lines going uninterrupted from floor to ceiling, the wall would seem higher. If it's vertical, then the place would appear wider. Checkered bathroom designs are able to achieve all of the above, although it would look a little weird and disconcerting. In any case, it helps with maximizing space.


Neat bathroom designs could also be achieved by stacking furniture, when doing so wouldn't compromise the overall appearance, functionality, and convenience. You could also use thinner furniture, or those with stands, so as to create yet another spacious illusion. Light is also a crucial part, which could quickly multiply the visual area. Avoid shadows and corners. Lastly, think about eliminating excess fixtures, things that no longer fit the design, and things aren't really necessary inside your bathroom.